About Us

Ankido was established in 2019, and it is an Iraqi company that specializes in information technology and software
Advanced electronic, Ankido offer the best solutions to the need of institutions in Iraq for an information technology company
Able to identify and develop the highest levels of standard technology solutions. IT solutions contribute to
Support customers who wish to improve the efficiency, productivity and level of performance of their business in their institutions.

Our Services
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We offer products and solutions based on a simplified three-layer model that includes


We equip, build and provide services for a full range of infrastructures that include devices, networks, management systems
Networks, storage media, security and intrusion prevention techniques, with associated operating systems, as well as
Database, programming, server hardware, and multimedia technologies, as well as the development of digital exchanges.

Business applications

We provide modern and comprehensive applied techniques that cover the space between office systems and comprehensive solutions
Enterprise management, with treatment of specific applied techniques such as document management, content management, relationship management
With the customer, asset management (property), workflow tracking, and call center technologies.


Our company is the only one to offer a wide range of innovative service offerings, both traditional and modern.
Our services include installation, maintenance, support, immediate assistance, solution advice, and plan advice
Work, project management, increasing resources, application development and management, web design and consulting
security and application management,

+ Integrated solutions

Our team has sufficient experience in the field of information technology and electronic programs and their development
According to the requirements of customers and they have professional work in various fields, which distinguishes us by working as an integrated cell
To implement the highest level of services



Our company is the only one to offer a wide range of innovative service offerings, both traditional and modern.

Electronic solutions

We have a group of high expertise in multiple fields, where we provide international quality in:

  • Content management
  • Electronic development
  • Development of electronic portals
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • e-commerce
  • Microsoft development
Ankido Training Center

We provide training services at the highest levels, as we conduct accredited, standardized and approved courses
By a group of course professionals such as Huawei, Cisco and many others, our company has expanded her training knowledge to include multi-stage training management Trainer the Train.

Electronic applications

Ankido is one of the leading companies that has full service electronic application development services, which
Its focus is on global electronic solutions using the latest technologies, including electronic applications
The advanced technology that makes the electronic portal more attractive to our valued customers, we are experts in developing technical systems
. Advanced complex business logic that deals with a large amount of data and transactions, and we are also able to
We offer you innovative and trustworthy electronic applications to realize your business ideas.

Smartphone Applications

Ankido offers a full range of smart phone applications, products and services, which have been developed It complies with the most technical standards by its cadre of a group of engineers and graphic designers And creative momfins who work to achieve the vision of future customers, we always specialize in developing applications The phone that includes not only the design and development of award winning programs, but also includes consulting Maintenance and support We provide service offerings to our customers by flexibly allowing us to manage their data Applications:

  • iOS development
  • phone network designs
  • phone games
Domain and hosting services

We offer global web hosting backed by advanced secure data center facilities, with a choice of
Between a range of Domain and Hosting offers in which you are sure to find the plan
The ideal that meets your needs and the integrated electronic hosting offers are available to us for different users
It includes a large storage space, unlimited data transfer, and a high capacity for e-mail storage.
We have employees working around the clock to provide the best, we are your ideal choice if you are looking for
Hosting service provider.

  • Many open source applications
  • Site recovery and automatic technical support
  • Comprehensive language support program
  • Domain Name Service Search
  • Switch to network solutions
  • Domain End Protection
  • Register your domain
  • Scroll the website

Our Partners

As part of our integrated solutions at Ankido, we source our products and applications from the best global suppliers. The list of our global and regional partners is constantly growing to support the company in achieving our visions to implement projects
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